Providing Creative Confidence by Mike Owen

In my first blog since joining EIZO, I spoke about how we fit into the Creative Toolbox and the part we play in the creative process, well we are about to embark on my first full-on tradeshow into the creative sector as part of the EIZO team, which will be our first chance to put this message into a real-world experience, carry on reading to see what we are up to.

We are looking forward to the Media Production & Technology Show (MPTS) at Olympia in London, where you can come and talk to the EIZO team about everything to do with our range of monitors that fit seamlessly into a creative workflow - whether for a colour critical workflow or a workflow that demands the highest levels of image quality. Either way, EIZO is the screen you should be considering, and what better place to do that than when we have the experts on hand? I know it sounds like I have drunk the EIZO Kool-Aid, but I was an EIZO customer, user and fan a long time before I joined the company, so yes, I will put my hands up and proclaim that I have 100% drunk the EIZO Kool-Aid.

But MPTS is going to be a little bit special and a little bit different because not only can you come and talk to us but you can also talk to Adobe, who is joining us at the show. We will have Byron and Niels from Adobe providing video editing, colour grading and workflow demos on our stand. Find out how Adobe and EIZO complement each other and fit into the Creative Toolbox. We feel it's critical to do more than just show our products by providing some real-life creative value, so why would you not pick a globally leading brand to partner with?

In addition to partnering with Adobe, we have also been working hard to make sure our partners have access to EIZO screens at MPTS this year, with channel and industry partners all working with some of our screens. In fact, we might even run a competition to see if you can spot them all during the show, but whether you are looking for a 4K screen, a FullHD screen, a self-calibrating screen, a screen that is able to show over 1 billion colours or a screen to grade your next Hollywood blockbuster then why look at further than the Academy Award winning ColorEdge monitors from EIZO.

MPTS is not only about the creative toolbox and the creative journey, it's also the next stepping-stone in EIZO becoming a more sustainable company. If you have been following me on LinkedIn, you will see that I have posted a few times this year about the steps we're taking on sustainability. Shows and events can create a massive amount of waste, and this was not something I could with my hand on my heart condone, so I decided to make a change. We initially started looking for a modular system that could be reused across many shows and not compromise on the quality of the stand we were looking to build.

Having used the T3 system from Tecna UK before, I wanted to use this again, and I had to find an agency that could help us deliver our vision for the stands and provide support to the team in terms of stand management. After talking to a few different agencies, I decided Access Exhibitions fitted our requirements the best. MPTS is the second show they are managing on our behalf within just a few weeks, with Digital Healthcare taking place in April and then UKIO, which follows in Liverpool a month later, so it is a busy time for the team.

The great thing about working with Access is that over 90% of the stand can be reused, massively reducing the waste from the trade shows we are attending this year and taking another step toward EIZO UK becoming a more sustainable organisation, along with supplying the UK team each with an Ocean Bottle which helps to reduce Ocean plastic and sourcing new uniform from Craghoppers and their range of clothing made from recycled materials.

These are some of the steps we are taking every day to reduce our waste, reduce our carbon footprint and make a lasting difference in how we want to operate as a team and as a company. At EIZO, we take sustainability seriously, and we believe that we can make a difference, not just in the creative sector but across all our verticals and also the wider world.

As a leading brand in each of our verticals, we know it is our responsibility to take the lead in promoting sustainability and reducing waste. By partnering with companies like Ocean Bottle, Access and Craghoppers, we can make a real difference and help to create a more sustainable future for everyone.

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