ColorEdge CS

For the creative in everyone

Ask more from your monitor, give more to your images. EIZO ColorEdge CS monitors gives image makers everywhere more colour, clarity and uniformity with 99% Adobe RGB gamut*, Digital Uniformity Equaliser, smooth colour gradation and 5 year on-site warranty.
(*does not include the ColorEdge CS230)


See the world in

1 billion colours

A 10-bit colour representation means you can enjoy a huge gamut of one billion colours, which is 64 times as many colours as the 8-bit representation. This means finer colour gradients and smaller spaces between adjacent colours even though a larger than usual colour space is used.

Colour representation and range
Typical 8-bit monitor


more colours
with ColorEdge

Greyscale visibility
Typical 8-bit monitor


more grayscale
visibility with

A wider gamut means

vivid colour on-screen and with fewer surprises in print

  • The full colour spectrum
  • Most monitors only cover the sRGB range
  • ... which doesn’t cover the full CMYK gamut
  • ColorEdge covers a much wider gamut, which includes the CMYK gamut, as shown here

    Representation of Adobe RGB and sRGB

    Adobe RGB

    A microchip for detailed work

    The CS2420 has a microchip built inside which has been specifically developed by EIZO in Japan for colour bound working.

    Flicker Free Working

    Our monitors are flicker free, even at high contrasts, so your eyes tire less easily and can work on your images for longer.

    5-year warranty

    We designed our monitors to last. No loss of colour, no loss of detail. That's why they come with a 5 year warranty as standard.

    Made in Japan for creatives

    We take pride in our Japanese heritage, bringing the traditions of precision, an eye for detail and crafted beauty to our monitors.


    Colour uniformity

    right across the screen

    Our colour tones appear the same at all points of the screen, without the brightness fluctuations that you get with a typical LCD. With ColorEdge CS, you can see perfect colour purity no matter where on the screen you view an image, an absolute must for image retouching and colour grading.

    Digital Uniformity Equaliser (DUE)

    Homogeneous luminance distribution and good colour purity are key to achieving very accurate image rendering. The Digital Uniformity Equaliser (DUE) circuit takes care of this. It automatically corrects non-uniformities in terms of luminance and chrominance for all tone values across the entire image area – pixel by pixel.

    Typical LCD and ColorEdge CS comparison

    ColorEdge with DUE
    Typical LCD monitor
    In the box

    Professional hardware
    and smart software

    as standard

    • Anti-glare matt finish

      Our anti-glare screens take away glare and are ideal for group reviewing - all you see is the work and not your reflection.
    • Attachable calibration sensor (sold separately)

      The EX3 calibration sensor can be used with EIZO’s ColorNavigator software to calibrate your ColorEdge monitor to your ideal settings.
    • Tilt

      See your work in portrait or position the screen in your workspace exactly where you need it.
    • and Pivot

      See your work in portrait or position the screen in your workspace exactly where you need it.
    • Removable magnetic* hoods for reduced glare (sold separately)

      Keeping everything on your screen consistent, clear and accurate without the interference of ambient light.
      *the CS230 hood is not magnetic

      Colour Management Software

      At EIZO, we have developed a colour software package known as ColorNavigator which calibrates our monitors to perfection. But if you don’t want to go through the set up stages, the range ships with presets installed as standard that are then maintained by our ColorNavigator 7 software. If you’re an advanced user and want to make adjustments to brightness, gamma or white point you can do that too.

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