Covid 19 Policy


As the Coronavirus situation across the globe continues, we need to ensure the wellbeing of our staff, customers and Suppliers. As such, we will continue to monitor and follow Government, NHS England and WHO (World Health Organisation) advice daily. At present we are currently operating a business as usual service, but are regularly reviewing the situation to ensure the safety of all.

No one can predict the full impact of this virus and it continues to be a moving target. Following the recent Government announcements, our engineers will attend, as a priority, sites where service is essential. We will endeavour to meet all customer contractual SLA’s, but due to circumstances outside of our control there may be times, despite our reasonable endeavours, this may not possible.

In line with guidance from the UK Government and World Health Organisation, on the prevention of the spread of the virus, we have been putting precautionary safety measures in place including:

- Monitoring staff sickness and ensuring staff are aware of symptoms to look out for

- Educating our staff on prevention

- We have shared with staff the guidelines for frequent and proper handwashing

- Providing hand sanitisers, masks and PPE (to be used as and when necessary)

- Following government advise any staff showing cold/flu like symptoms will for 7 days self-isolate/work from home.

- EIZO Limited has put in place a specific and detailed Coronavirus policy that has been communicated to all staff and tested

For our Engineers working on site:

- Engineers are instructed to use all appropriate and relevant PPE equipment as advised on a regular basis when working on site and to keep washing their hands on a regular basis

- We have implemented a ‘no handshake’ policy for all staff

- Engineers will adhere to the ‘two metre’ rule to distance themselves where possible

- Engineers will not request customers to provide an electronic signature or to complete a customer survey on their mobile devices during this time and
whilst the virus remains a threat

- Engineers are expected to adhere to and follow all site instructions and policies, particularly in respect to this virus

Our Business Continuity Plan has been reviewed, modified and tested in light of the new Coronavirus threat. Depending on government guidelines we are confident it will ensure continuation of our services.

If you have any questions, please email:

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