High Definition 4K UHD

ColorEdge CS2740

The CS2740 displays images, videos and graphics exactly as it should – ultra-sharp, rich in detail, undistorted and precise. It offers full 4K UHD resolution for videographers, maximum sharpness for photographers, and absolute precision and rich colours for all, while featuring USB-C for easy connectivity.

Key features of CS2740
  • 4K UHD

    A true HDR experience, ensuring you always see accurate colours and brightness in every pixel on your screen. This 4K monitor ensures extraordinary colour accuracy, high-contrast and consistent images, to support you in all your precision work right down to the slightest detail.

  • Colour Gamut

    A wider gamut means vivid colour on-screen and fewer surprises in print.

  • Consistency

    Our colour tones appear the same at all points of the screen, without the brightness fluctuations that you get with a typical LCD.

  • Uniformity

    The Digital Uniformity Equalizer function provides optimum backlight luminance uniformity which is difficult to achieve on a standard LCD monitor.

  • ColorNavigator 7

    Compatible with EIZO's leading calibration software to provide you with reliable, consistent colours.


    Type: IPS
    Backlight: Wide-Gamut LED
    Size: 27.0” / 68.5 cm
    Native Resolution:
    3840 x 2160 (16:9 aspect ratio)
    Viewable Image Size (H x V): 596.2 x 335.3 mm
    Pixel Pitch: 0.155 x 0.155 mm
    Pixel Density: 164 ppi

    Video Signals

    Input Terminals: USB Type-C (DisplayPort Alt Mode, HDCP 1.3),
    DisplayPort (HDCP 1.3), HDMI (Deep Colour, HDCP 1.4), DVI-D (HCP 1.4)
    Digital Scanning Frequency (H / V):
    USB Type-C, DisplayPort, DVI: 26 - 89 kHz, 23 - 61 Hz
    (VGA Text: 69 - 71 Hz)
    HDMI: 15 - 89 kHz, 23 - 61 Hz

    Physical Specification

    Dimensions (Landscape, W x H x D):
    638 x 404.1 - 559.1 x 265 mm
    Dimensions (Portrait, W x H x D):
    378.2 x 649 - 689 x 265 mm
    Dimensions (Without Stand, W x H x D):
    638 x 378.2 x 75 mm

    Where to buy

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