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Jason from New Rising Media tries out the ColorEdge CS2420

Jason England founded New Rising Media in 2011 when he was studying at Nottingham Trent University. His blog covers the latest breaking news and undiscovered innovations in technology, science and geek culture. He is also a freelance journalist and most recently has secured a longer-term position with Stuff.

Jason was eager to review something a bit different to his normal smartphone, smartwatch and tablet reviews and a product category he really cares about is monitors. So, we sent him a ColorEdge CS2420 to try out…

The display is a window to all your content consumption and creation. Design needs to be sleek, but most importantly, the monitor needs to be colour accurate and represent what you’re making perfectly.

I found EIZO’s ColorNavigator 7 software easy to use with lots of customisation options, which ensures colour reproduction accurately matches the output - this was mostly done automatically thanks to the 99% wide gamut coverage of Adobe’s RGB scale. Having a monitor with a wider colour gamut made images pop off the screen like they were printed on paper! This software enabled easy switching and made editing my work a lot easier. It kept things accurate across all of my programs, leading to less nasty end-product surprises.

Set up was really simple, all it took was me putting it on the stand and connecting it all together using the pre-packaged cables. The variety of outputs were wide enough to even accommodate the most awkward computer set ups!

I can’t be the only one out there who has suffered headaches from low pixel counts and distracting individual blocks of light? The pixel count on the CS2420 rests at 1920x1200 (94 ppi), which means pixels are easily identified, however the explosion of colour kept me nicely distracted. The panel is vibrant and the colours pop off the screen even at hard angles.

If you are serious about getting into digital photography, video editing and illustration then the ColorEdge CS2420 is a great option for you as it has a lot of the same features that come in a pro display but at a more affordable price.

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