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Introducing ColorEdge CG279X

Having recently celebrated 50 years in the industry, EIZO is due to release a new model into its professional range. The ColorEdge CG Series is aimed at professional photographers, post-production experts as well as visual FX artists and design specialists.

The CG279X, which is due for release in December, has a 27” screen, covers 99% of the Adobe RGB gamut for displaying vibrant images and has a built-in calibration sensor. The CG279X is equipped with the latest in colour management hardware and software, HLG and the PQ gamma curve for editing HDR video content, as well as a wide colour gamut for displaying vibrant images. This monitor gives users the best-in-class colour, accuracy, consistency and clarity. ColorEdge CG279X spec:

This 27” (68.4cm) monitor is ideal for post-production editing, video creation and image processing with precise colour management and a range of features included to meet the needs of the media and entertainment industry.

Resolution: 2560 x 1440 (16:9 aspect ratio)

Pixel Density: 109ppi

Greyscale Tones: USB Type-C, DisplayPort, HDMI: 1,024 tones (a palette of 65 thousand tones), DVI: 256 tones (a palette of 65 thousand tones)

Display Colours: USB Type-C, DisplayPort, HDMI: 1.07 billion from 24-bit palette, DVI: 256 tones (a palette of 65 thousand tones) HDR Gamma: HLG, PQ curve o Brightness stabilisation

Digital Uniformity Equaliser o First ColorEdge with USB Type-C connectivity

Has a DisplayPort, USB-C, HDMI port and four USB downstream ports

Upgraded calibration: Built-in Sensor.

Illuminated, electrostatic sensor buttons are a new feature which means you can operate the monitor’s functions reliably, even in dark environments

Light shielding hood: Magnetically attached and included with the monitor

Warranty: Five years on-site.

The CG279X will be available to purchase from 17th December 2018.

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