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EIZO UK's WEX Roadshow Winter 2023

Throughout the first Quarter of 2023, EIZO’s product specialist, Dan Emmett, joined several WEX Photo Video stores across the UK for their open day events – alongside many familiar faces within the creative industry, such as Canon, Nikon, OM, Fujifilm, and Epson.

Our roadshow started in Manchester at the beginning of February before making its way to Bristol and Birmingham later in the month. For the first time, we visited the Edinburgh and Glasgow stores in Scotland, which turned out to be extremely positive from a brand awareness perspective as we do not often get the opportunity to speak with our northern users directly. We also attended the grand opening of the WEX Photo Video store in Cambridge and their flagship store in Norwich. The open days concluded much closer to home at the two London locations towards the end of March.

Face-to-face time with photographers of all kinds is something the EIZO team have always enjoyed and found valuable, allowing us to listen to feedback on the latest problems our users are facing, provide possible solutions, and to share the importance of colour management within the creative workflow.

We displayed popular models from the EIZO ColorEdge range, including the CG2700X, CG2700S, CG2420, and CS2740.

EIZO is a vital part of the creative toolbox, and no matter what camera setup or editing software you use, it fits seamlessly into the workflow. This allowed us to collaborate with some of the other brands there, including the likes of Nikon and OM, who used EIZO monitors to showcase various macro setups – demonstrating the synergy and extraordinary images achieved from a high-end camera when paired with an EIZO monitor.

Dan Emmett when commenting on the WEX Open Day events - “Many photographers wonder why their final output, for example, prints, do not match what they see on their screen during retouching. This is often fixed by simply using a calibrated monitor with the appropriate colour profile for your workflow, such as using Adobe RGB when retouching for print.

The EIZO ColorEdge range has several products designed for different photo and video workflows, and in person, I can help people by fitting them into the right screen. It's a rewarding process because I know how much of a difference it will make to the people I speak to".

Following positive feedback from our WEX Roadshow we will be doing it again later in the year. But if you missed us this time around or would like to see us visit a store near you, please contact

If you are interested in purchasing an EIZO ColorEdge monitor for yourself, check out the WEX Photo Video online store here:

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