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Nocturnal Photographer Daniel Freeman

Daniel Freeman has specialised in nocturnal photography for over a decade, captivated by the beauty that descends upon a location when the daylight fades and the quiet takes hold. Drawn by the solace found at night, Daniel spends time driving through the night in search of locations that communicate his vision of the tranquility that the night offers. His various night photography projects have seen him tour parts of Europe and extensively around America.

Whether the other side of the world or closer to home, the vision and intention is always the same – to communicate a world often overlooked, one of mystery and escapism; with elements of the familiar and identifiable. Daniel finds equal wonder in beautiful landscape as he does in the vernacular and the man-made, all made magical under the night sky. His work has featured in various publications, as well as gaining him professional qualifications and photographic awards.

Here he reveals how his passion for nocturnal photography began and talks us through how important his monitor is in his digital photography workflow.

What was your first impressions when you got the monitor and took it out of the box?

“When the box arrived, I really did not expect it to be so huge! It was a pretty awesome unboxing the monitor though, as it was a really great size, looked sleek and had a lovely finish to it. The setting up was super easy, and effectively was just a ‘plug in and play’ kind of thing. No drivers to install, no complicated manual – it was quick and easy to get started.”

What impact has it had on your workstation?

“I had to make a few tweaks to my set up to accommodate the monitor, but it has been really worth it. I was previously using a standard TV for extra screen space, so it was nothing fancy. The new EIZO monitor has completely changed the way I work. I now predominantly do everything on the one screen, and only use my MacBook Pro for email or as an overspill screen. The size and quality of the EIZO monitor is brilliant and the in-built automatic screen profiler is incredible too.”

How is it helping you with your work and how are you finding using it?

“The monitor has completely elevated my work flow, and it means I can efficiently process images & videos in an environment which is colour profiled and accurate. I am busy preparing for an international exhibition series with the British Council and Ffotogallery so colour accuracy and translation from screen to print is hugely important. EIZO is second to none in terms of quality so I am super grateful to be in possession of such a high quality monitor at this early stage of my career!”

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