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Ali Jennings tries out the new ColorNavigator 7 software

Alastair Jennings has worked in publishing since 1999 for some of the UK’s leading photography and technology magazines including TechRadar. More recently he founded in 2016 with two others. He works as a professional videographer and photographer.

Ali was keen to try out the newly released ColorNavigator 7 software, so we sent out a ColorEdge CG279X for him to trial it on…

In the studio, I have an even mix of video and stills to edit and enhance, so I need the ability to quickly switch between profiles. The ColorNavigator 7 software enabled easy switching once those profiles had been set-up.

As soon as the monitor arrived, I configured the profiles so I had a video and stills working environment. My studio features daylight balanced lighting, so the out of the box calibration was exceptionally close to my other monitors. I checked with my own full-screen calibration device which I could utilise within the ColorNavigator 7 software, just to ensure all monitors were producing the same output.

I was really impressed by the build quality of the CG279X and how easy it was to use. The preset profiles and options make using the monitor exceptionally easy and this is reinforced by the built-in calibration sensor. The ColorNavigator 7 software makes a big difference to the overall feel and use of the monitor and once set up; switching between the profiles is quick and easy, enabling you to get on with the job in hand.

For me the profile changes within the CN7 software are the major features as they enable you to switch quickly between video, stills and documents.

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