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Octopus Books Relies on EIZO ColorEdge CG279X

Octopus Books is a leading publisher of non-fiction books located in London. They have extensive experience working with high profile authors, trusted partners and associations to produce exciting, market leading books.

"After consulting with a number of reprographics houses, the consistent recommendation given to us was the EIZO ColorEdge series. The term ‘industry standard’ was certainly used. In nearly 20 years in the industry, I certainly have not seen any other make of monitor used as consistent across the publishing world." - Peter Hunt, Senior Production Manager at Octopus Books

Background to the problem

Octopus Books relies on its monitors to be the window to their world, therefore the monitor they choose is crucial in portraying their work as close as possible to the finished product.

“With colour accuracy being such a large part of our role in production, the need for a reliable starting point is paramount. We need to be able to assess an image on screen, and know that what we are looking at is ‘correct’. This was not where we found ourselves, especially considering we were getting different results across two monitors of the same model.” - Peter Hunt, Senior Production Manager at Octopus Books

The EIZO Solution

Working alongside EIZO, Octopus Books chose to purchase two newly launched EIZO ColorEdge CG279X’s. As a result they are now able to colour match both monitors, ensuring consistent uniformity across all work stations.

Along with colour matching, EIZO’s Built in calibration sensor and ColorNavigator 7 software can be used to set automatic calibrations at designated times helping to ensure Octopus Books has the optimal colour and brightness display 24/7, even when the workstations are switched off.

Key Features of the CG279X

The EIZO 27” ColorEdge CG279X boasts the latest colour management hardware and software for HDR video editing and colour accurate photo display.

Displaying over 1 billion colours the ColorEdge CG279X boasts a wide gamut range. Producing 98% of the DCI-P3 and 99% of the Adobe RGB colour space, as well as supporting the BT.2020 standard. This all provides a wider range on screen and fewer surprises in print.

The ColorEdge CG279X takes a mere 3 minutes. to achive stable colour compared to a typical monitor taking 30 minutes or more. This significantly reduces the time Octopus Book spend waiting for their monitors each each day

Benefits of using the EIZO CG279X

“What EIZO do is provide a consistent platform across multiple sectors of the publishing industry, this means we all have base standard to work to. If we say we have an EIZO monitor, especially in this case the latest version, it takes away some of the argument as to whether what we are seeing on screen is ‘correct’!” - Peter Hunt, Senior Production Manager at Octopus Books

Industry Leading 5-Year Warranty

Octopus Books’ monitors are covered by the industry leading 5 year on-site warranty, helping to lower the TCO for all monitors purchased. as well as offering peace of mind and uninterrupted work-flow if ever anything was to go wrong.

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