Meet Nick Ballón

We are delighted to announce that Nick Ballón will be one of our three judges for this year's EIZO student photography awards. Nick will choose his favourite entry from all of the student submissions and his chosen entrant will be awarded with a placement at his studio in summer 2019.

Nick Ballón’s journalistic sensibility is at the heart of his photographic practice. He has a way of discovering those little ticks or details about a place, person or situation that others miss. Everything centres around his limitless curiosity. With each project he invests hours into research and development. His portfolio is a collision of subjects from the worlds of politics, art, science, history, sport and popular culture.

For the last decade, Nick’s personal work has focused exclusively on his Anglo-Bolivian heritage, exploring socio-historical ideas of identity and place, with a particular focus on the concept of ‘foreignness’ and belonging.

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