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Lifestyle and Food Photographer Neil White

Neil White is a lifestyle and food photographer living in the South West of England, shooting projects at his Old Mill studio and on location across the UK. His career started by assisting fashion photographers in the early 90’s, prior to moving to London to shoot for the High Street coupled with working as a commercial retoucher. Beckoned back to his homeland, you will now find Neil mostly at home collaborating with people and brands who inspire and feed his love of food, craft and sustainability.

The lifestyle and food photographer has been using an EIZO ColorEdge CG247X for a number of years so we caught up with him to find out what made him buy the monitor and what impact it has made on his digital photography workflow.

“There really was only one choice when it came to buying my monitor. I have worked on other specialist monitors in the past and felt the calibration and reliability left me doubting results, on occasion. Therefore, the in-built calibration that analyses and adjusts my screen overnight provides me with confidence that allays these doubts and removes the worry!”, Neil White explains.

“In terms of how I use the monitor I use it connected to my MacBookPro in the studio, shooting tethered with PhaseOne IQ into CaptureOne Pro. I shoot tethered to the MacBook when on location, and the laptop screen is very much a rough guide, I usually use the math for judging highlights and shadows, and then when back at the studio use the EIZO as my monitor for post production.

“The biggest difference I have noticed since switching to the CG247X is the reliability, and it’s the benchmark for an image. If a client maybe questions the colour of an image, or the depth of shadows or highlights, I explain that the monitor they are viewing on is probably not calibrated, is often next to a window or next to a brightly coloured wall and to trust the original image, because I trust my monitors screen.

“In my opinion the monitor is very important, probably as vital as the camera….what’s the use of a good camera without a good screen to view the images it produces.”

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