Frame by Frame's Full True-Colour Workflow

EIZO's full creative solution supports Frame by Frame with their colour-managed workflow

Frame by Frame, one of the most important film post-production companies in Italy, chose to equip all its production studios with EIZO monitors from the ColorEdge and FlexScan series. The challenge was to build a consistent, true-colour workflow across multiple teams and locations. EIZO's total solution of ColorEdge CG monitors, with their built-in calibration sensors, ColorNavigator software, and ColorNavigator Network was critical to achieving this goal.

Frame by Frame is a dynamic and creative company where a highly professional, young, and avant-garde team comes together. With more than 70 employees across various locations, Frame by Frame offers its customers a complete package from content production to the finished product (sound mixing, VFX, design, editing, colour correction, finishing, and digital delivery). This resulted in the need for uniform colour visualisation. And not only between team colleagues but also between the other specialist departments from each project and location.

EIZO wasn't just chosen for the renowned quality of its ColorEdge monitors. The complementary software solutions enabling consistent and accurate workflow management are equally important. For all workstations not directly related to colour management, such as 3D renderings, and for all administrative areas, Frame by Frame also uses EIZO monitors from the FlexScan line. This way, every employee can always work with maximum comfort and the best display quality.

75 ColorEdge Monitors in Use, Including 2 PROMINENCE

Vladimir Vasiljevic, Technical Supervisor of the Rome-based company, explains how EIZO solutions were used to create a unified colour management workflow between the different teams and locations.

How has the integrated sensor made your work easier and how much time has it saved you?

Being able to check the calibration regularly before each new project is a great thing. This is done automatically, at night, without interrupting creative work and without having to repeat the same procedures manually more than 70 times - amazing! The internal sensor in combination with the ColorNavigator software guarantees results comparable to those achieved with hours of calibration with special, external colour measuring devices on older reference monitors.

Which features of ColorNavigator 7 and ColorNavigator Network did you find most useful for your specific needs?

First of all, the ability to replicate the monitor settings, for example, to clone a monitor so all the other monitors work with the same values and show the same colour representation. I was able to set up and test the first series in my lab to create a master, while I only had to load the settings file for all the other units to ensure identical colour representation!

Having colour space customisation available at the touch of a button has allowed us to tackle any job, from television series for major streaming platforms in Dolby Vision, to films for cinemas, to television commercials or websites. With ColorNavigator, our creatives can always choose the right environment for any job: sRGB, BT.709, DCI-P3, or HDR PQ P3D65 preview with a single click on the monitor. They may sound like strange acronyms, but every VFX artist, graphic designer, or editor needs accurate colours and reliable monitors for all kinds of projects.

ColorNavigator Network makes it possible to distribute the verification everyone is working in the exact colour space to the supervisors of each team: the best way to protect against nasty surprises. As a service provider, we work with other companies that don't always have the same attention and expertise on colour spaces, so it's important to coordinate, and ColorNavigator Network allows us to set up a custom visualisation for the whole team and vary it for each project.

ColorNavigator 7

To make the calibration profile as correct as possible, it is very important to have software that allows you to adjust every detail of the monitor precisely. EIZO ColorNavigator 7 is specifically designed for EIZO ColorEdge monitors and can be downloaded free of charge from the website.

ColorNavigator Network

ColorNavigator Network enables centralised quality assurance of ColorEdge monitors with ColorNavigator 7. This solution is ideal for post-production studios, printers and other companies that want to ensure the image quality of their monitors from a central location to reduce maintenance costs.

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