Meet EIZO at WEX Store Open Days in February and March 2023

EIZO is the window to the creative journey. Whether in design, photography, or filmmaking, the creative output is reviewed, edited, and finalised on our screens.

If you do not have a good quality monitor with the ability to display the correct colour gamut to fit the brief of your client, or you have not calibrated your monitor correctly then the most amazing shoot or design project can go awry. How can you create what you intended when you cannot see an accurate representation of your work?

With an EIZO ColorEdge monitor, we are confident that all of your creative requirements are covered, from the wide colour gamut to calibration to the uniformity of the output across the screen. EIZO designs its products to be used day in and day out by creative professionals all over the world, to give you the confidence that your output will match your creative vision.

Often you don't realise what your workflow could look like until you see an EIZO ColorEdge in person. That's why we've partnered with WEX Photo Video to give you the opportunity to see some of the newest ColorEdge monitors at their stores around the UK. Have a look at the details below to see where and when you can meet us.

WEX is offering an exclusive 10% discount on EIZO ColorEdge CG2700X, CG2700S, CG2420, CS2740, and CS2420 products at the open day events!

EIZO's WEX Roadshow:

Manchester - 10/02/2023

Bristol - 16/02/2023

Birmingham - 17/02/2023

Edinburgh - 02/03/2023

Glasgow - 03/03/2023

Cambridge - 09/03/2023

Norwich - 10/03/2023

London (Fixation Retail) - 23/03/2023

London - 24/03/2023

You can find out more information about the stores here: www.wexphotovideo.com/about-us/store-finder

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