EIZO Student Awards 2022 Winners

Terry Hope from Professional Photo Magazine spoke to each of the three winning students from the 2022 EIZO Student Awards to find out what winning meant to them.

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Jason Stirland - Norwich University

A PHOTOGRAPHER and artist who was studying at the Norwich University of the Arts, Jason enjoys creating powerful risk-taking images that push the boundaries of traditional photography. His winning image was produced using Blender computer graphics software, mixed in with a little CGI. “The main reason I entered the 2022 EIZO competition was to get my work seen by a wider audience,” he says, “and to gain recognition from industry professionals. My lecturers at the time had been encouraging me to enter competitions, and the potential of winning an EIZO ColorEdge monitor was an added incentive. Being selected as a winner was an amazing feeling of accomplishment and validation for my hard work and dedication to my craft.” The event was an exceptional opportunity for Jason to encounter EIZO monitors for the first time and to discover some of the advanced functions and features they had to offer, but a real highlight was the chance to visit the EIZO HQ in Berkshire, and to talk with the team there to discover the background, goals, and core principles of the business. “I also had the chance to inquire about the capabilities and features of a larger range of EIZO monitors,” he says, “and to gain a greater understanding of the most recent offerings from the business. I’ve found the monitor I won to be a significant improvement over my previous model, and the level of colour accuracy and consistency it provides me with is unmatched, and overall it makes a huge difference to my workflow.”

Isobelle Wightman - North Warwickshire and Hinckley College

CURRENTLY IN HER second year of studies at North Warwickshire and Hinckley College, Isobelle Wightman was both surprised and delighted to be a winner in the 2022 EIZO Student Awards. “I was a first-year student,” she says, “and we were set a project to enter the contest. Even though it was part of my course, I was enthusiastic about taking part, since it was such a great potential prize, plus I enjoyed the experience of entering a photography competition.” Isobelle chose to explore the theme of ‘Identity,’ and found it to be a surreal experience to be selected as a winner, her prize being a top-end EIZO monitor, along with an internship with renowned portrait photographer Harry Borden. “Before the competition, I didn’t have much knowledge of EIZO and their monitors,” she says. “When I entered the competition, however, I did some further research, and found out more about what they offered, even before winning. It was an extremely useful experience to go to Ascot and to learn more, and I was able to ask questions and also had the opportunity to look at the monitors and to see their different features and uses. “I feel that owning an EIZO monitor would be extremely beneficial for all students. It opened my eyes to the possibilities they offer, and changed how I view and edit my work. My monitor allows me to see my work in the highest possible quality, and I know the colours I’m seeing are accurate. This is encouraging me to try new things with my images, and it’s not only helping me to complete my university course, but it’s also going to be a great partner in the working world as well.”

Harry Foulkes - Falmouth University

AFTER GRADUATING from Falmouth University with a BA in photography, Harry Foulkes applied for a number of opportunities, and the EIZO student award was one of the ones that particularly caught his eye. “It was incredible to be selected by judge Charlotte Wales as the winner in my section,” he says. “The finalists’ work was incredibly strong and, having just graduated, I was still at a point where I was building up confidence in my own practice. So, to have my work ratified by Charlotte and the team at EIZO, was extremely fulfilling for me. “I was lucky enough to be already familiar with EIZO monitors, as the PCs at Falmouth University are all partnered with them so that, as photographers, we could accurately gauge colour for printing and digital editing. Not to mention the high resolution of the screen, which works wonders if you want to check overall image quality. “The prizegiving day was a very useful experience. Not only did it give us the opportunity to visit EIZO HQ and to learn more about the product we’d won, but it also gave us a chance to meet the other finalists and to open a conversation about the work. “Having a reliable monitor I can trust has made working and producing physical prints cheaper and easier for me, because of the accurate colour display that I'm using and the fact that I need to make less test prints in order to get my perfect result.”

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