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EIZO's highly popular Colourclass video series is back!

EIZO is releasing the Colourclass Namibia video tutorial series on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram on 27 July 2020. The 11 episodes provide an introduction to a number of photography-related topics. They also explore subjects like capturing video and colour management on a camera, software and softproofing.

The Colourclass Namibia

Building on Colourclass Lofoten that EIZO released in 2018, German photography instructor Alexander Heinrichs explains the basics of panoramic photography, astrophotography and wildlife photography in this Colourclass. Filmmaker Stephan Klein provides tips on time-lapse photography, video storytelling and postproduction since people are increasingly using digital photography cameras to capture videos, as well. And, of course, we won’t forget to talk about colours in the Colourclass: EIZO colour management workflow expert Christian Ohlig explains colour settings in the camera, in the image processing programme, calibration targets and the softproofing workflow for printing with external photo labs.

What’s covered in each of the episodes

Episode 1: Getting there and the gear we used

Episode 2: The basics of panoramic photography

Episode 3: The basics of astrophotography

Episode 4: The basics of time-lapse photography

Episode 5: The most important tips of wildlife photography

Episode 6: Tips for a photographic safari

Episode 7:Autofocus tips for fast-moving animals

Episode 8:Video storytelling

Episode 9:Colour settings: Camera, software and adjustment targets

Episode 10:Tips for video postproduction

Episode 11:Softproofing workflow for printing with photo labs

Click here to watch the video series

The teachers

Photographer and photography coach Alexander Heinrichs, photographer and EIZO colour management workflow expert Christian Ohlig and hunderteins filmmaker Stephan Klein flew to Namibia for the video series.

They travelled through this fascinating country in southwest Africa for two exciting weeks. They had high expectations and the country did not disappoint.

The location

Namibia has much to offer for photographers. Its variety of desert landscapes with colours ranging from deep red to light yellow, barren steppes, lush grasslands and red stone formations reminiscent of a sci-fi movie setting stand in dramatic contrast to the generally deep blue sky. What’s more, minimal light pollution in Namibia elevates it into an ideal place for photographers of astronomical objects and events. No less fascinating is the fauna of Namibia, which can be admired in numerous national parks and wildlife reserves. In addition, Namibia’s past as a former colony of Germany is still perceptible in numerous places and makes Namibia the ideal stepping stone for first-time visitors to Africa.

The equipment

There is a convergence taking place between filmmaking and photography, with the lines increasingly being blurred between these two fields. To give an example, all the photos and video footage for the project were shot on Sony α series cameras.

EIZO worked in close collaboration with many partners in the photography industry to make Colourclass Namibia happen: We would like to take this opportunity to thank Adobe, Epidemic Sound, f-stop gear, G-Technology, Gunther Wegner, Haida, Novoflex, Ricoh, SanDisk, Sony and Whitewall for their outstanding support.

In addition, the team also brought a prototype of EIZO’s new ColorEdge CS2740 monitor with them. It really proved just how sturdy and reliable it is during the 2,400-plus kilometres the team travelled across mostly unpaved roads.

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