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Around the World in... an Indefinite Amount of Time by Dave Newton


Dave Newton is an international award-winning professional photographer and filmmaker and represents EIZO as a ColorEdge Ambassador. For 2022 we will be following his journey on the road as he travels the world with his family, Jess, Isla, and of course Otis in his recently converted truck! We will be sharing weekly images of his adventures and a monthly blog to experience the fantastical life of a creative, and lover of EIZO.

Around the World in... an Indefinite Amount of Time

Welcome to the first of many blogs from me! I’m Dave Newton, a professional photographer and videographer and an EIZO ColorEdge Ambassador. Potentially more interesting than all that, though, is that I recently, with my family, moved into a truck.

Now I realise that needs a little explaining.

Having been based in the UK but travelled extensively, I’ve always had a bit (a lot!) of wanderlust and seen myself as somewhat nomadic. My other half, Jess, is much the same. So, a couple of years ago, while sailing across the Atlantic Ocean, we decided to buy a truck. Not just any truck, but an 18ton ex-Army truck. At the time we travelled in a converted Mercedes Sprinter van, but it was only really good for shorter periods of time - and we wanted to be away for longer.

Then, in 2020, COVID hit, Jess got pregnant with our daughter (now 1-year-old), and we decided there was no time like the present to go and buy the truck and set about having it converted.

I appreciate that may not be the most normal route people take, but it seemed like a good idea to us and now, as the truck was completed in November 2021, we’re just beginning our adventures.

But we need to start at the beginning of the conversion process and explain why it’s at all relevant to you, or EIZO.

The truck is a MAN HX60, the current military vehicle of the British (and other nation’s) Army. It’s an 18ton 4x4 truck with a 6.6L diesel engine. As part of the cycle of procurement, the British Army has released several for sale through auction and ours was one of those. We plan to live in the truck as a family (including our 2-year-old dog, Otis) and travel the world. For probably up to the next decade. But maybe longer. We just don’t really know right now!

All of this may seem a little far-fetched, but the relevance is simple - as a working photographer, I will be continuing to work on the road. And that means I must be able to create content, and more importantly, I need to know the colours I’m working on are accurate. So as part of the conversion process for the truck, there was one section that was very important - my ‘tech’ drawers. The truck box, what we refer to as the house, is 5.6m x 2.5m so it’s not the largest area, but I had to have space for a decent workstation and that meant my EIZO CG319X had to come with me.

The interior builders (Off Grid Campers in Cambridgeshire) were given very detailed plans of where the monitor had to mount so it was safely locked away for travel. But easily accessible for whenever I am doing any imaging, be that image editing or video editing. And yes, it will also no doubt double as a screen for watching films, etc. (or as our daughter grows, cartoons - I’m looking forward to watching a colour-accurate Peppa Pig when the time comes!)

Over the coming months, you get to follow along on this journey. I’ll be blogging as we go, sharing stories from the road and images captured while we travel. And It’ll be warts and all - I won’t sugar-coat anything. You can hear the highs and lows of living and working on the road as a family and see the adventures we get up to! I hope you’ll find it interesting and enjoyable, potentially even a little inspirational.

Happy Travels!

If you have questions, don’t be shy, feel free to reach out to me either through EIZO or through our social media channels:

@globaltraces on Instagram and Facebook, or www.globaltraces.co.uk for a website.

If you want to see more of my work specifically, then @photopositive (Insta and FB) or www.photopositive.co.uk will get you there.

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