ColorEdge CS2740: 27” graphics monitor: One solution for all requirements

The CS2740 displays images, videos and graphics exactly as it should – ultra-sharp, rich in detail, undistorted and precise. It offers full 4K UHD resolution for videographers, maximum sharpness for photographers, and absolute precision and rich colours for all. This all rounder from the CS series features a USB-C port which forms the visual core of any digital, colour-accurate workflow and guarantees consistent results with incredibly rapid, hardware calibration.

Full 4K resolution for videographers – maximum sharpness for photographers

From photographers who make films to videographers who take photographs, right through to time-lapse photography and cinemagraphs – the borders between visual content are becoming visibly blurred, while also growing ever closer at the same time. Videographers want to see their material in the full 4K UHD resolution, while photographers wish to preview the full sharpness of their printed images on the monitor. The ColorEdge CS2740 from EIZO fulfils both these requirements down to a tee. An ultra-sharp monitor display is guaranteed with 3840 x 2160 pixels, which corresponds to a detail resolution of 164 ppi.

The ideal combination of wide gamut, utmost precision out of the box and ultrafast calibration

A graphics monitor’s most important task is to display exactly what the camera has saved. That’s why each ColorEdge CS2740 is individually measured and optimally configured in the factory. Inhomogeneities like differences in brightness and partial unnecessary colours are identified and permanently removed. The ColorEdge CS2740 is hardware-calibratable in just 90 seconds* without losses, which means that it consistently retains its factory-set perfection across its entire service life.

A processor developed by EIZO (ASIC) computes the necessary colour commands in the monitor with a 16-bit colour depth. The CS2740 covers all conventional gamuts (e.g., 99% AdobeRGB) for brilliant and differentiated reproduction, even for saturated colours. This allows further steps in the digital workflow like printing (in the soft-proofing view) to be simulated reliably.

Full port power with USB-C

A growing number of creative professionals are using their portable computers not just while they’re on the go. A powerful laptop is often their only computer, which is why more and more of them want to integrate their portable computer into their office at home or at work.

EIZO is supporting this trend with the new ColorEdge CS2740 graphics monitor. Thanks to its four downstream ports and its USB-C upstream port, hard disks, mice, keyboards and other peripheral devices such as memory card readers can be connected directly to the monitor. The user then only needs to connect the laptop to the CS2740 using just the one USB-C cable to integrate their portable computer into the entire workflow and to supply up to 60 watts of power. The need for a separate docking station or additional power supply unit is a thing of the past. Plus, the CS2740 also has HDMI and Display Port inputs. This makes the ColorEdge CS2740 the central hub for discerning creative professionals.

Ultrafast calibration

The EIZO ColorNavigator 7 calibration software can be downloaded free of charge from the EIZO website. When combined with the EIZO EX4 calibration sensor, the ColorEdge CS2740 is capable of calibrating in approx. 90 seconds.

The CH2700 light protection hood is available as an optional extra and can be simply attached and held in place magnetically without the need for adhesive or screws.

Other features:

  1. IPS wide gamut panel with 3840 x 2160 pixels (4K-UHD) with
  2. LED technology,
  3. Contrast 1000:1
  4. Brightness of 350 cd/m2
  5. USB C, DisplayPort and HDMI ports

The CS2740 will be available at speciality retailers from May.

* Measured using EIZO EX4 and MacBook Pro

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