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Central Saint Martins Degree Show 2019

The Central Saint Martins (CSM) BA Graphic Communication Design 2019 Degree Show took place 18 – 23 June and we were lucky enough to be given a tour of the show based at their Kings Cross campus by Dr. Peter Hall, Course Leader, BA Graphic Communication Design. As main sponsor of this years show and for the previous 10 years we were delighted to be able to help the students exhibit their fantastic work by providing them with a number of ColorEdge and FlexScan monitors to borrow for the show.

BA Graphic Communication Design Course Leader, Peter Hall, explains the impact the EIZO monitors has on the degree show.

“More and more students in our course are using video documentation, interactive formats and short films in their work, as well as wanting to show still photography on screen. Borrowing the EIZO monitors helps us maintain a consistently high quality of display across the Degree Show, which supports the overall exhibition and makes the visitors experience of the show better.

“The students are naturally quite anxious that their work is shown in the best possible light, and are impressed by the resolution, colour quality and brightness of the monitors.”

Peter added that he is excited by what the future of the relationship between themselves and EIZO holds.

“We have worked with EIZO for over 10 years and have really come to rely on the organisation for its generous support of our course, I’m quite excited by the possibilities of developing this relationship further so that we are able to work with the company on showcasing our best experiments on a year-round basis, as well as potentially developing other events outside of the degree show.”

The work the students produced for their degrees was truly astounding and we were amazed at what we saw with one such amazing project being by student Designer and Photographer Helena Traill. Her motivation behind the project, called ‘The Cancer Chapter’, was based on personal experience, and aimed to use design as a form of cathartic practice and to promote open discussion by narrating other people’s stories. The people include anyone who has had, has or has been affected by cancer.

Martino Sclavi was one of these one hundred stories with his narrative embodying the importance of open conversation and so Helena chose to animate his powerful interview.

You can view the film she showed on the EIZO monitor here:

About using an EIZO monitor:

Helena Traill said: “Across the graphic communication design course at the Central Saint Martins Degree Show a lot of us all used EIZO monitors. This consistency meant all the digital content looked slick and high quality with the minimal edges of the monitors also helping make it all look very professional and to a high finish. The monitors were very easy to fit, plus the high quality helped to show off my hand drawn animation – keeping the colours and all the detail of the painted texture. I hope to use these monitors again in the future.”

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