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A film about Ghanaian Youth.

EIZO recently sponsored the Zeitgeist category in the Creative Review Photography Annual 2018, which is dedicated to recognising emerging breakthrough talent in the industry. The work of Kyle Weeks, one of the nominees, really inspired us so we decided to accompany him to document his current photography project.

The film is a short documentary set in Ghana about the project that Kyle has dedicated the past two years to, spending this time walking the streets of Accra to learn about the culture of its people. His work is an intense and intimate portrayal of Ghanaian youth and street scenes and explores the capital's heritage and popular culture. By building genuine relationships with his subjects throughout the project, Kyle captures the unique way that the local people express their creativity and self-expression. The film also features a self-taught BMX riding street performer that works with Ghanaian kids teaching them 'flatland' tricks, a rapper who is part of an emerging Ghanaian dancehall scene, two young fashion stylist models and bike street racing.

An exploration of the fast paced and colourful Ghanaian street culture. This is living, breathing colour.

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