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EIZO is committed to the creation of great images, so we’ve spent the last few years travelling around the world, meeting some of the best image makers in their field and finding out how they work and why colour is so 
vital when making something amazing.

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Our latest film in collaboration with Creative Review’s Photography Annual, profiles Kyle Weeks, who was nominated in their 
Zeitgiest category. For the last two years, Kyle has walked the streets of Accra, Ghana learning about the culture of the people, photographing a complex, intense and intimate portrayal of Ghanaian youth and street styles, exploring ideas of masculinity and immense creativity and self-expression.

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As part of our sponsorship with Creative Review’s Photography Annual, we met photographer Nadine Ijewere, who was nominated in their 
Zeitgiest category. We went with her to The Isle of Skye where she 
created a new piece of work entitled Rêver.

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Along with the trip to Skye, we spoke to Nadine about how you go about capturing beauty. We spoke about cultural identity, colour, femininity, masculinity and breaking with convention.

Russian photographer Elizaveta Porodina makes work where the colour and tone creates almost it’s own world in her images. We met her in Munich to talk about what she means when she says ‘Life is full of 
unexpected hidden magic’.

Forbes Massie create beautiful architectural visualisations. They don’t think of their work as ‘CGI’, more like artistic image making where colour and light creates an atmosphere and a mood that’s good enough for your grandmother to hang on her wall.

Visual effects company, Framestore, take us through their work for the movie Tarzan and why studying nature became the one of the most 
important parts of the job they had to do.

Photographer Perou and creative agency Peter & Paul created worlds using ink and water for EIZO. This was about achieving hyper reality in colour so detail and tone were key.