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Scroll down to learn about your new EIZO ColorEdge Monitor and get set up, ready to go.

1 — Unboxing and setting up an EIZO ColorEdge monitor

This film covers:
- How to correctly unpack your monitor.
- A run through of the inventory.
- Cable types and ports.
- How to connect the base, hood and setup your monitor.

2 — Installing ColorNavigator 6

This film covers:
- Where to locate the software.
- Full installation process.

3 — How to calibrate an EIZO ColorEdge monitor

This film covers:
- Selecting a target profile.
- A run through of the interface options.
- Ideal conditions for running a calibration.

ColorNavigator Calibration Targets

Select one of the icons below to download a target preset for your EIZO ColorEdge monitor using EIZO ColorNavigator software.

*EIZO Recommended

** These targets have been created by EIZO as helpful suggestions when setting up ColorNavigator 6. Users are responsible to ensure the monitor settings are correctly set to their preferred levels to ensure the desired output is achieved. EIZO accepts no responsibility in the quality of the work when using these targets.

Colour Management Software

ColorNavigator 6 – Colour Management Software

ColorNavigator is EIZO’s leading calibration software, syncing with the internal Look-Up Table to give you up-to-date, reliable colours time after time. You can use one of the existing preset values for printing, web design and photography, or set your own values for brightness, white point, and gamma. It can also be used to record paper white measurements, prioritise grey balance and emulate other media devices such as tablets and smart phones.


ColorNavigator NX - Colour Management Software

ColorNavigator NX is a similar calibration device to ColorNavigator, but works with the CG series to give you remote management over multiple devices from a single location. Settings are also stored in the monitor itself, so there’s no requirement to recalibrate your screen when connecting to a separate PC.

It is not possible to install both ColorNavigator NX and ColorNavigator simultaneously. When using ColorEdge for creative work such as photography, please use “ColorNavigator."


Quick Color Match

Quick Color Match offers quick, hassle-free colour matching for users who want to streamline the process without worrying about technical details.  The process is simplified by automatically adjusting to EIZO's recommended monitor, retouching software, and printer settings. 
Quick Color Match works with the following Canon or Epson Printers.


SC-P400, SC-P600, SC-P800, Stylus Photo R2000, Stylus Photo R3000


Technical Support

For additional technical support please contact:

Telephone: 01344 317489

or email: uksupport@eizo.com